Short term missionary trip to Sanders, Arizona, to help Missionary Tobie Keiser and her work with the Navajo Indians.  

Ingredients for the Sanders Missions Trip:

       God's Hand
   Nine Guys
                       Tools and Supplies
Mix  together with praise & unity
Shower with some rain,
For one week
...and there, you have it!   

June 28, 2010 nine guys from our church headed out to give Missionary to the Navajo Indians, Tobie Keiser, a hand. From digging numerous post holes, rerunning fence lines, laying and repairing electrical lines and extending a storage shed, to adding a new corral stall, the guys got quite a week long work-out!  

Pre-trip work-out sessions really paid off when one of Tobie’s best horses wound up tangled in barbed wire.  Brian Latta sprinted down a hillside and cross country then back again to retrieve wire cutters and free the horse that had gotten itself trapped when it slid down a schale hillside and was unable to "back out" of the situation.  

THANKS GUYS!!!  (* see below for more Thanks!)


" love serve one another"
                                  Galatians 5:13
  Encouraging Poetry written for the trip

  Paul's Wonderful Prayer - Part I
  Ephesians 3:14-21
  For a certain "cause," Paul bowed the knee ...
  How does that cause affect you and me?
  Well, we enjoy a fellowship ... for all to see ...
  A wonderful fellowship ... of God's family.
  So let us all join in prayer, praying God's Word ...
  Wonderful Scripture that we've read, seen, and heard.
  For. .. since it is Divine fullness we seek ...
  Allow Paul's wonderful prayer in Ephesians to speak.
  Divine fullness -- How do we prepare?
  It's all bound up in ... Paul's wonderful prayer.
  That our Father "would grant (us) according to the riches of His
    glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man." 
  This begins our preparation ... for God's wonderful plan.
  That the Father would grant, through His marvelous grace ...
  Strength from His Spirit .. .in our inner place.
  Strengthened so that Christ may settle down in our hearts ...
  Though He is always with us ... and never departs.
  We need Him more fully, though He is present and prominent ...
  We must give Him more room ... until He's pre-eminent.
  For it is there within, alone in the heart ...
  Where our wonderful Lord must be set apart.
  Faith is the hand that opens the door ...
  To appropriate Jesus ... more and more.
  Love is the soil in which our lives grow ... rooted and grounded,
     like a tree and a temple ...
  Secure and stable ... it's just that simple. 
                                                                          D. A. Park, 6/6/10

Thank you!
*A GREAT BIG thanks to Oscar & Gert, from Texas, for pre-organizing the project, providing the materials, coming out to help and keeping the guys well fed!  Also a special thanks to the the Russian Congregation from Victorville, CA, the Ladies Bible Study from Fresno, CA, as well as those in our congregation who helped to financially provide.  
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         Paul's Wonderful Prayer - Part II
 Ephesians 3:14-21

   From those far reaching roots ... and that unmovable station ...
   We can grasp with all saints the breadth, length, depth, and height
   of love's vast foundation.

  Love that surpasses knowledge, beyond what we might ask or think ...
  With God's power working in us, there is no missing link.

  May we reach out in love's breadth, and embrace all who
     will come in ....
  Telling them of the length of love - "throughout all ages, world
     without end."

  Love that lifts us to the heights; even now before we leave this sod ...
  We are blessed in the heavenly places, with access to our God.

  We are raised up together, to sit in those heavenly places ...
  For His love reached to the very depths, to give us happy faces.

  May we all be filled with His fullness, that He might fill all things ...
  As we speak the Truth in love, sharing the happiness it brings.

    D. A. Park, 6/12/10